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by Big Tree Chakra Anointing + Meditation Oils


Chakra Anointing + Meditation Oils

Align your Chakras and your senses with our Infused Chakra Anointing + Meditation Oils. Our oils are anointed under a New Moon and come with a Balancing Card that includes the chakra properties, scent, and mantra meditations.

Elevate to your higher self with these infused oils lightly scented with pure essential oils.


Product Ingredients

What's In It?

All Organic 

Sweet Almond Oil

1000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD

per ounce


Product Usage

How do I use it?

Each Oil comes with a specific Balancing Card with the following information:

  • Directions on where to apply the specific Chakra Oil

  • Information on specific Chakra properties 

  • Daily Meditation/Affirmation 

  • Name of Essential Oil that enhances Chakra

  • Directions for enhanced connection to Chakra + Meditation

Brown Containers

Product Sizes

What are my options?

We sell in single units and sets of 7. Each oil is 1 fluid dram.


Need a larger quantity?

Ask for wholesale prices.

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