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by Big Tree Hair and Beard Oils


Beard Oil

This oil tames the beard, regenerating, invigorating, and revitalizing to keep your beard forever young.

Our beard oil is infused with 1,000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD and packaged at 1 ounce per bottle.

Our Hair Oil inspires life, fertility, and nourishment This oil reinvigorates the inner shine, and will leave your scalp feeling cooler than an Aspen.

Our hair and scalp oil is infused with Full-Spectrum CBD at 1000 mg/ounce! Packaged at 1 oz per bottle.

Hair + Scalp Oil


Product Ingredients

What's In It?

All Organic 

Argan Oil

Jojoba Oil

Sweet Almond Oil  (Infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp)

Essential Oil Blend

by Big Tree

1000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per ounce.

Hip bearded man in striped shirt

Product Usage

How do I use the Beard Oil?

10 drops of Big Birch Beard Oil to a wet beard.

Work into the roots of the beard to your face.

Massage oil throughout base of beard, and beard itself.

Comb and/or brush beard to finish.

Female Model with Curly Hair

Product Usag

How do I use the Hair + Scalp Oil?

Apply up to 10 drops of

Willow Well Hair Oil to a damp scalp

Work into the roots of the hair and the scalp

Massage oil throughout base of hair

Comb and/or brush hair to finish

Brown Containers

Product Sizes

What are my options?

We sell in 1oz bottles.


Need a larger size, Ask for wholesale prices.

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