by Big Tree Exfoliating Lip Balm


Black Raspberry Lip Balm 

Turn over a new leaf with our Black Raspberry Vanilla Lip Balm.

This lip balm is infused with Full-Spectrum CBD at 500 mg/ounce.

Packaged at .2 ounces.


Product Ingredients

What's In It?

All Organic 

Shea Butter

Carnauba Wax

Sweet Almond Oil (Infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp)

Black Raspberry Seed Flavor Oils

Vanilla Extract

500mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per ounce.


Product Usage

How do I use it?

Apply as Needed.

Whenever your lips get to feeling like bark, turn over a new leaf and reapply our product. 

Brown Containers

Product Sizes

What are my options?

We sell travel sized .2 ounces.


Need a larger size, Ask for wholesale prices.