Beard Oil (1 oz)

Beard Oil (1 oz)

SKU: BO-Batch-1
Give your beard a hug. Our Beard Oil smells like new beginnings. This oil tames the beard, regenerating, invigorating, and revitalizing to keep your beard forever young. 
Our beard oil is infused with Full-Spectrum CBD at 800 mg/ounce!
Packaged at 1 ounce per bottle.
  • Beneath the Bark (Product Info)

    This stuff is packed with the following organic materials, kinda like a forest:

    • Argan Oil
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Sweet Almond Oil (Infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp)
    • Essential Oil Blend by Big Tree
    • 800mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per ounce. 
  • Best Use Information

    Follow these directions for a big beard*:

    • Apply up to 10 drops of Big Birch Beard Oil to a wet beard
    • Work into the roots of the your face
    • Massage oil throughout base of beard, and beard itself
    • Comb and/or brush beard to finsh

    *Beards will only grow as large as faces will let them.

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