Lustrous Lotion (Infused Body Lotion) (3oz)

Lustrous Lotion (Infused Body Lotion) (3oz)

SKU: BL-Batch-1
Shea it like you mean it, you really love our lotion! Our daily use whipped body lotion is just the nourishing blend of CBD and natural ingredients to get your skin ripe. 
This lotion is packed with 1,000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per ounce!
Packaged at 3 ounces per jar.
  • Beneath the Bark (Product Info)

    Introducing the following ensemble of organic ingredients. Shea no more! 

    • Shea Butter
    • Carnauba Wax
    • Coconut Oil (Infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp)
    • 800mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per ounce.
  • Best Use Information

    No one should feel like bark.* Use this daily moisturizer as recommended:

    • Scoop out a small dollop of product to start
    • Rub lotion in hands to melt
    • Apply all over body as needed for skin renewal
    • Reapply product as needed
    • Works especially great as an after shower lotion

    *This statement is not meant to affend the thicker skinned.

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