Chakra Oil (Full Set of 7)

Chakra Oil (Full Set of 7)

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Align your Chakras and your senses with our Infused Chakra Anointing + Meditation Oils. Our oils are anointed under a New Moon and come with a Balancing Card that includes the chakra properties, scent, and mantra meditations.

Elevate to your higher self with these infused oils lightly scented with pure essential oils.

  • Root Chakra  — Red — Cedarwood
  • Sacral Chakra  — Orange — Ylang Ylang
  • Solar Plexus Chakra — Yellow — Lemon Grass
  • Heart Chakra — Green — Rose
  • Throat Chakra —- Blue —  Sandalwood
  • Third Eye  Chakra — Indigo — Clary Sage
  • Crown Chakra — Royal Purple — Frankinscence

*These fragrances have been chose purposely to enhance their specific Chakra.