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In today’s burgeoning CBD market, we believe that honesty is the best policy. That’s why we make the choice to communicate our CBD Profiles in a way that is both fair and transparent for our customers. Read the following sections to find out more about where our hemp is sourced as well as Batch Testing Data for each batch of CBD infused oils.

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CBD Batch Profiles

We believe in being transparent about what goes into our products. Below you will find the CBD Profiles for each batch of by Big Tree oil. Our infused Coconut and Sweet Almond oils are Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) oils tested by the University of Connecticut's Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Per unit, we infuse all of our topicals with 800 milligrams of CBD per ounce. Our CBD is generally Full Spectrum CBD  View our Batch Reports here


Batch #1 - Well Flowers Coconut Oil

This was our first ever batch!

Batch #1 is an infused Coconut Oil. We infused this pure Coconut Oil with Well Flowers Farms hemp. This batch was lab tested by the Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of Connecticut.

Profile Notes:

  • Cherry Blossom Strain

  • Sun Grown

  • Full-Spectrum

  • 24% CBD

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Hemp Partners

Our hemp suppliers are key members in the by Big Tree ecosystem. Learn more about our friends below.


Well Flowers Farms, based in South Windsor, Connecticut, was our first hemp supplier. They have a passion for providing the finest sun-grown, organic, hemp. 

They have currently supplied Batch #s: 1, 2, 4, and 5. 

Well Flowers Farms

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