Social Responsibility
How We Plant Our Seeds

To us...profit equals planting seeds...

Our socially conscious pledge is that we put our profits where the planet is. That means that we literally put our profits into planting seeds. Planting trees around the planet, where they needed most, ensures the survival of our delicate ecosystem.


What's the Buzz With the Bees?

Bee Farms are vital to the sustainability of our ecosystem. We will donate to local sustainable and cruelty free bee farms, while planning to build our own. If the bees are forced from the planet, soon too will we follow. Let's use our profits to save the bees.

Image by Markus Spiske

Help Us Be Better Advocates

You Can Change the Planet Too

Let us know any ground breaking and earth saving ideas you may have. 

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Save the World With Us

Want to Partner With Us?

Do you have a way for us to partner up for a social mission? Please let us know more, we are happy to help. 

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